Enjoy your holidays in Egypt & Thailand

We offer trips and excursions, as well as whole vacation bookings especially on your demand in two of the most fastcinating countrys in the world, in Egypt and Thailand.

Explore with us the Beauty of Egypt, it’s long history, it’s rich nature, it’s amazing architecture and it’s great adventures. Or see us on your trip to Thailand, where we go to Krabi, Phi Phi Island, incredible Temples or other beautiful places around Phuket.

Comfortable Transfers

With us you can easily get to all of your destinations. We pick you up in your holidays and carry you wherever you have to go. We also do all the bookings for you, including flight, bus and transfer from the airport directly to your hotel.

Brilliant Routes

Explore with us all the different routes that are available in your destination area. Let us give you an overview about all possibilities and chances you have. We also have all really important informations and help you to save a lot of time on your vacation.

Best Hotels

We reserve for you the best hotels and resorts around your destination, just let us know what type of accommondation you need and what time you want to come. We also have great deals on hotels and resorts in Egypt and also in Thailand, when you book with us. 

Unique Experience

Let us take you to the greatest places of history, fun, sport and excitements. Make excursions to islands, monastarys and safaris. See dolphins, the miracles of the undersea world and the beduins in the desserts, or enjoy a turkish bath, massage and 1001 nights.

Local Food

Let us take you to the best places for fine dining and local food at your destination area. Either you prefer excellent fish specialities, real traditional egyptian dishes or even italian or american style restaurants.

Smart Guides

With our experienced travel guides you will always have a lot of fun. We are familiar with all the sightseeings around, are well edjucated in history and know the best ways and routes for all destinations on your holidays.


Giftun Island

Utopia Island

Dolphin World

Aqua Park


Quad Safari

Jeep Safari

1001 Nights

Turkish Bath



Unforgettable moments are with Sabrina Tours guaranteed. And you will be a part of it, as the history continues…

With Sabrina Tour on tour you will always sit in the first row. You will discover unique places with extraordinary views, giving you unforgettable experiences. We now look back on more than 20 years in the business, thausands of satisfied guests and customers and hope we can serve you as well.

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There is not only one reason why you should go with us!

Unique Places

You visit unique places in egypt and discover the ancient history you will never forget in your life…

Good Accommodations

We have the best and most comfortable hotels and resorts for you. You will feel like the pharao himself in the seventh heaven…

Interesting Routes

Driving through the desert of egypt is more than an adventure. You meet people they live in the desert with their own privileges in their own world…

New Friends

With Sabrina Tours you always meet a lot of friendly and interresting people from all over the world and of course you have new friends with us…


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